Aaron Hamlin
2 min readMay 28, 2016


It sounds like you’re offering us an option: permanently resign ourselves to having no voice because the other party’s person is so bad. And then berate anyone brazen enough to vote honestly.

That’s a strategy. I guess, right?

A better approach than lambasting others from honestly expressing themselves is to look for solutions. Figure out how to allow people to honestly express themselves while also avoiding the outcome you dislike so much.

A good start is to understand why we have a two-party system to begin with. The answer here is Duverger’s Law. Should I have said spoiler alert? I was worried about the pun. I’m sorry.

So maybe read about Duverger’s Law:

There’s even a solution that escapes Duverger’s Law: approval voting. Vote for as many as you want. Most votes wins. Works even on current ballots and machines. It has the advantage of being one of the few voting methods where you can always choose your honest favorite — even when that favorite is not Hillary Clinton. Even more, approval voting doesn’t require you to berate the public for genuinely expressing how they’d like the world to be by choosing a candidate that represents their views.

Check it out:

Approval Voting -> Where you don’t have to yell at the world for voting their honest favorites.

If you want someone to hate, don’t hate third parties or independents. Libertarians, Greens, independents, and other third parties thanklessly work their asses off and overcome obscene obstacles just so people like you can have a choice. And don’t hate the voters who are brave enough to support those candidates despite people like you shaming them.

If you really want to get your hate out in a “fire tire” way, hate our choose-one plurality voting system. Hate it with all your might. Here’s something to get you started:


Because it’s that system that’s causing you to suffocate new ideas and suppress others for expressing what they’d really like to see in this country. So next time you feel that political hatred come out, go ahead and aim that bile at plurality voting.